Our Hope is in Christ Alone

We are broken before God when we put our hope in our government/political party instead of in the Lord.

Putting the government above our God is like worshiping a golden calf as our idol. Instead, we should be pointing others to the eternal, saving hope only God offers. Therefore, it’s essential we understand the relationship of God, government, and Jesus followers.

God has created the concept of government based on two intentions: First, that its laws protect the citizens of towns, nations and society at large. Secondly, government is to dispense justice by punishing lawbreakers. Subsequently, our governments are accountable to God and we are subject to our governments.

Romans 13:1b “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except by God’s appointment and the authorities that exist have been instituted by God.”

The Church’s role is to inform/educate the government and, at times, confront them. We see this consistently in both the old and new testament with the Prophets & the Apostles, not to mention the numerous stories of Jesus confronting those in authority.

So what is our role as individual believers with regards to our government?

  • Follow governmental rules; unless the rules ask us to disobey God
  • Honor and cooperate with them
  • Pay taxes that are due
  • Pray for them
  • Evangelize and disciple them
  • Become informed voters that uphold God’s purposes of government and vote accordingly
  • For those who are called to do so, become actively involved in government (e.g. volunteering, supporting, or running for office)

It’s more important that we know and support God’s views on issues over any political party or candidate’s stance. For it is the Gospel that gives lasting change, transformation, and redemption.

“Father, help us to remember that the role of every single follower of Jesus Christ in God’s Kingdom of here and now is that we are Your ambassadors. We are citizens of heaven living in a foreign land, commissioned to share the good news of God’s plan for all mankind.  You have commanded us to make disciples that will make more disciples.

“We acknowledge that we will not win the world for Christ thru our politics.  Yet, at times, we have forgotten this and turned our backs on Your truths, Your promises, and Your Word. Forgive us Lord.  May we always remember that You are the ultimate hope and the only One who can heal our broken world.”




One thought on “Our Hope is in Christ Alone

  1. Lynn, I think your post is timely and to the point. As we have faced recent elections it seemed to me that many Christians had forgotten that our leader was already on the throne. I appreciate the rights I have in this country, including the right to vote, but my leader doesn’t change every four years and he is never surprised by the results of our election.
    I have often thought that sometimes God gives us the leaders we need and sometimes he gives us the leaders we deserve.

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