Hands and Feet

The Lord’s Hand of Protection

This is an account of God’s protective hand in Haiti from early December 2018, sent in by Mike VanDerwort.

We had quite an interesting evening the other night. As we were sitting in our living room we heard this horrible noise. When we went out to the road and found there was a tractor-trailer leaning on our wall.

Dr. Ronald and the Mayor of Pierre Payen were talking outside our gate with the mayor’s car parked just off the road and Dr. Ronald’s car was parked in the driveway. Dr. Ronald saw a truck heading towards them and pulled the mayor to safety. The tractor-trailer hit the vehicle on the road and pushed it over 150 feet and smashed it almost flat. It also hit a container that had a little store inside and a lottery booth.

The miracles that happened are several. Dr. Ronald doesn’t usually stand where he did, looking down the road. Fredo, who works for us, was sitting outside the container store and got up and to get something out of the cooler that was down the hill. That part of the road always has people walking on it, as those who have visited can attest.

The biggest miracle was with Armando. He had been visiting Kenderson at his house next to the compound. He went to leave and Kenderson’s baby brother called to Armando and he turned back. That was the exact moment the truck accident happened. If he had continued walking he would have been dead. Who was praying for us Sunday?

We had a long talk with Armando afterward. Mike asked him if he knew where he would be if he had died. He said he didn’t know for sure. Mike said I can tell you how to know for sure. At the end of the conversation, Armando accepted Jesus as his savior! We could have lost 2 of our staff and who knows how many other people. The truck was about 2 feet from wrecking our wall. God is good all the time. Thanks for all of your prayers. They do make a difference!

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